Monday, March 14, 2016

Curbing Injury

When it comes to strongman, football, or any athletics, the worst thing that can happen is an injury. It is the most dreaded thing in sports. It hinders you useless and prevents you from getting better. In strongman, injuries seem to come more often than they go making it difficult to succeed. I have found that proper rest, diet, and recovery make aches and pains disappear. But if it seems to be more serious than that the best thing is to address it before it becomes career-ending. For example I was training this weekend and when my training partner Zach heard a loud and painful pop come from his knee, he stopped what he was doing and stretched it. This was smart of him due to the multiple surgeries he has had on his knees. I luckily have never had any serious injuries and I think that is due to my warm up. Before I lift any type of weight I take a proper warm up. I start with calestendics followed with a light amount of weight for whatever lift I want to perform. For some reason people know a days do not take warming up seriously and give me a hard time for doing so. But that doesn't bother me cause I know I am preventing pain and injury.

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