Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Competition Preperation

My first strongman competition of this year is this Saturday, the 30th. My peaking phase of my training started 3 weeks ago. My peak consisted of low rep sets that is no lower than 75% of my max. The training felt good and me hitting those high numbers has helped my confidence. When I am not training conventionally, like squats, dead lifts, or bench, I am training strongman. So I have been hitting a lot of axle press, yoke holds, yoke walks, and atlas stones. I can tell a difference in my strength from working with John Calhoun at Calhoun Performance Center.  This week is my deload phase so my body is fully rested. I am doing 5x5 on the big lifts at 50% of my max. I am also eating more than I need so I know I am recovering. i have also been sleeping 9-10 hours a night and drinking a lot of water. I am ready for Saturday.

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