Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Post Competition

I got 4th in my weight class. Due to the low amount of teens signed up I was put into the middle weight weight-class which did not really bother me. I did great in the yoke walk and farmer's carry. They felt both light and easy. I had to do a 475lb yoke and a 225lb/hand farmer's. I lagged in the axle press. My 3rd and final attempt for my max was 200. It would have been a PR, my best being 190lb. For atlas stone I had to do a 225;b stone for max reps in 60 seconds over a 53 inch bar. I had never done a stone that heavy so I was very excited when I got three reps. My friend and training partner, Zach, beat me. It is friendly competition. Overall it was an exciting and fun competition and it really showed my progress over the bast year.

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