Sunday, February 28, 2016

Current goals

Basketball season is winding down and the ending of the season makes me think of where I want to go from here. These past weekends that I go to Barret's Gym in Terre Haute has allowed me to "re-fall-in-love" with strongman. And now realistically, I have to prioritize. Do I want to continue my basketball career knowing that I do not have the skill or want to go onto play in the next level, do I focus on football given I might be able to walk on in college? Or do I try to make a career out of strongman? Any goal is realistic if you have the work ethic and resources, I like to think I have both. Where does college fit into strongman training? In order to be a pro, the sport has to become before everything else as I have mentioned previously in a blog, I am not sure if I could put it before my health, family, and work. High school is a time to figure out what you want to do, and it is time for me to start getting my ducks in a row. Let's say I do get my pro card when I am 23-27, in order to live off of it I would have to win big competitions and get sponsors. It all sounds good but the sacrifices might outweigh the good. This is all good food for thought.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekend Training Sesh

This past weekend was a good one when it comes to training. Saturday I went to my trainer's home gym and hit some shoulders and triceps and back. I hit some over head press with the fat bar, it's a barbell but it is 2 inches in diameter. I then did incline fat bar press, bent over rows, close grip bench press, and tricep extensions. After that workout I was definitely  feeling it in my shoulders and upper chest. So I went home and ate a truck load of food so I would be ready for the next day. The next day my trainer and I went to Terre Haute to a strongman gym over there. I did yoke walk for the first time and worked up to 400 lbs for a 30 ft trip. Yoke walk is when you have a bar going across your back like a squat bar and it is connected to a large frame. I also did some farmer's walk at 170 lbs a hand. I worked on my axle clean and press and capped off the day with some atlas stones. It was a solid training session and I am looking forward to many more to come this spring.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stuck in the Middle

Basketball season is winding down with only two more weeks of the season left. My original plan was to do MI-40x which is a bodybuilding program that is very intense. I want to do this to put on mass quickly, which is what the program is meant for. The new football coach is very keen on kids lifting with him as soon as their season is over. He uses Bigger Faster Stronger lifting program that is a basic strength program. It was written during the 80's when high school lifting first became a thing. It is a little out dated and poorly implicated in most cases because the people who are teaching it do not understand it. But you cannot go up to a coach and tell him he is doing in wrong, can you? But most people do see results with it because they are new to lifting, it then tends to plateau after 6 months. I want to get stronger and bigger with a program I know works, train for strongman, and stay on the coach's good side, but I cannot do them all. Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Balancing School and Athletics

Every student athlete knows the struggle of getting home from a game at 9:30 and having to stay up for another hour to finish homework. Then you have practice tomorrow and you get to catch up on sleep after dragging through the school day. Coaches claim that academics come first, then athletics, but I have never seen this practiced. I manage to get homework and studying done due to my SOS hour which is very helpful. But I cannot complain that much, most teachers at PHS will give you some leeway if you explain to them your situation. I would say the pros outweigh the cons when being a student athlete. You gain life skills such as time management, confidence, and the ability to work with other people. The cons include late nights and early mornings, busy weekends, and a large amount of your time goes to practice. For basketball we practice six days a week averaging two hours per practice, but towards the end of the season we usually get out after and hour and a half. Bottom line, being in athletics or some sort of organization is a critical of high school and I recommend it for everyone.